- Introduction

I'm a technology "ideas guy" and entrepreneur. I love working with new technology and using it to do things that haven't been done before. In my spare time, I help companies determine the best approach for development projects and use my development networks to develop and deploy software applications and websites.

Other projects

Currently, I'm concentrating on VirtMedia, a virtual content company focusing on Augmented Reality, and NewSouth Interactive, a web development company. Although I'm focusing on other things, the MarkBot is always there for fun.

Bot or not
The web's first true Turing Test

You may be chatting with Mark.... or maybe a bot emulating Mark. It is up to you to decide and it could be either at any given time! My own version of the Turing Test, in fact, it is the first real web-based Turing Test.

You make the call.. is it a bot, or is it not? Check it out..

Chat Transcripts

**** Thanks to frequent visitors who have given the bot extended chats that have helped the bot learn. I can't thank you enough for your efforts.

By participating in this site, you are actually helping my efforts in creating a bot that emulates human conversation. Your conversation will help the bot learn more appropriate responses. If you knew for sure whether it is a bot or Mark, you wouldn't ask the same questions.
I'm posting the more entertaining transcripts, but you have to go through the Turing test first. When you come back to this page afterwards, you will be able to see the transcripts.

Thanks in advance for participating!

Getting ready for the Loebner Event in England

Latest News

Redeveloping with many new features.

Working on some new ideas and experimenting with video.


Markbot made the finals of the Loebner contest.

There are tons of new transcripts, but one group in particular stood out. Someone with the nickname Myrd decided to pit the Markbot against other bots.. an unsolicited, but certainly welcome event. Markbot did well in comparison (very well, I think).

Project Cool
This site was named Project Cool's Sighting of the Day (thanks Project Cool!).
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